[ The Associate Coaches ]


Francois Senekal

After completing his studies in Industrial Physchology, Francois spent more than 30 years in private enterprise, covering areas from Human Resource Management to General Management. After starting his career in South Africa, he had the privilege to work extensively in Sub-Sahara Africa and has been operating for the past 10 years in Asia and South East Asia.

Francois is now working on utilising his knowledge and exposure to assist individuals and companies to maximise the contribution of staff to achieve overall company objectives.


Graeme Butchart
Developer of Great People

Graeme has been coaching since 2005. His methodology based on his study of the Creative Consciousness International Model. Here the underlying principle is that everyone has access to remarkable inner resources and that we create our own realities. Consistent unconscious behaviour inhibits those resources, and creating greater awareness as to our thoughts and potential actions, enables us to create more meaningful and powerful outcomes in our lives.

Graeme has coached many individuals from a wide spectrum of society and business. A closer examination of his testimonials at www.graemebutchart.com/testimonials-graeme-butchart.php will confirm this.

Graeme is also a believer in life long learning and is always open to developing himself. He has recently completed a GIBS Professional Business Coaching Programme and is currently working toward International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation.

For more background visit Graeme at www.graemebutchart.com

Lita grey

Lita Currie
082 924 2292

Lita is a business coach, facilitator and learning & development practitioner. She is passionate about assisting people to achieve their development goals.

With over 20 years experience in the corporate field, she understands the daily challenges that executives and managers face. Her coaching approach is eclectic and focuses on identifying and achieving goals in all aspects of a coachee's life. As owner and director of 3 Stickmen, a learning and development consulting firm, she has keen commercial insight.

Lita holds a BA (cum laude) from the University of the Free State, an Honours degree (cum laude) in Adult Education from the University of Witwatersrand and a qualification in Professional Business Coaching from GIBS.


Audrey Naidoo

Audrey has 16 years solid marketing experience mostly within the Financial Services Industry. She has vast knowledge of traditional marketing, research, strategic brand management and sound digital and social media experience.

Her present and past roles have been predominantly leadership and management roles, working across functional areas within the organization. She is an influencer who publish articles for BizCommunity and Linkedin on Marketing and related topics which have an impact on brands, people and processes.

Coaching Experience:
She has always informally coached people but decided in 2016 to formally pursue coaching to acquire the necessary tools and skillset to be more effective. She has completed her Life Coaching Course and thereafter obtained her NLP Certification. This year she completed the GIBBS Professional Business Coaching Programme. She has over 120 hours of coaching experience to date and believe that she can make a positive difference to others. Coaching allows her to channel her talents towards a meaningful outcome for others.

Qualifications and Accreditations:
-              B Admin Degree
-              Post-Graduate Certificate in Management
-              MBA
-              NLP Practitioner
-              Strategic Brand Management
-              GIBBS Certification on Professional and Business Coaching